Medical Isolation Transformers
Windings: Simetric, separated by double and reenforced isolation * Shielding winding between primary and secondary windings * Small leakage current: under 35uA * Isolating voltage: 2,5KV between windings and ground; 5KV between windings.
Safety Class I.
Tensions: 230/230V 50Hz ou 3 x 400/ 3 x 230V 50Hz.
Output power range: 3.150VA - 4.000VA - 5.000VA - 6.300VA - 7.500VA.
Secondary center tape (or star point in the three-phase) as free connection to isolation monitor.
other informations
Projected for use in medical rooms, under EN 61558-2-15 rules.
The OFICEL┤s MEDICAL ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS asures high accuracy electric system of energy with isolated neutral line, suitables to feeding equipments in medical rooms, increasing these safety.
The secondary winding capacities are minimised by the simetry and correct dimension of the windings in order to assure the leakage current prescriptions.
Dip impregnation.